Dr. Ralph B. Krutulis, DC

Dr. Krutulis was born and raised in Central NY on the family farm. He was a Regents Scholar in the 1970’s, attended Alfred University, graduating cum laude in International Relations and Economics. He worked for the AU Research Foundation on projects such as the insulation around the Challenger Space Shuttle, dental implants and coal slurry’s. His family run business of 38 years helped create the cutting edge of many biological processes, playing key roles with many global firms providing Class I and II medical devices, tissues, bloods and seras to the world. He has held middle and senior management positions in both Private and Public Corporations; Diagnostic Operations Manager for Carolina Biological Corporation, President of KEI and his last role as Vice President for Bio-Processing at Otisville BioTech, a publicly traded firm, with a staff of 50 in 3 countries.

In the early 1980’s he decided that he wanted to explore Chiropractic as a profession and by the end of that decade, had left the corporate world for the Chiropractic world. Working in a busy, 450 visit/week practice, learning how to manage patients, insurance and taking the prerequisite courses, he entered in the NYCC’s first class in Seneca Falls in 1991, graduating in 1995.

A self-described “Technique junkie,” he has learned multiple techniques to deal with the various issues patients present with, far beyond the basics taught at NYCC. He has taken extensive post-doc work in clinical nutrition and functional medicine. He is one of only 700 people in the world trained in the advanced Neurological Relief Center Technique.

He is currently in clinical practice in Jamesville, NY, a suburb of Syracuse, seeing 150 to 200 visits per week. He is the Chiropractor for the Onondaga Nation. A former New York Chiropractic Council District President and Board member, he is active at the State, National and International levels. He is Strathmore’s and the Heritage Registry of Who’s Who World Wide Chiropractor of the Year for both 2012, 2013 and 2015, the International Association of Chiropractors World Wide Leader in Health Care Chiropractor for 2012. Was awarded by the American Society of Healthcare Professionals with induction as a Top 25 Chiropractor in New York State in 2014.

Dr. Eldin Mehanovic, DC

Dr. Mehanovic has been in practice for over 5 years. He completed a year long internship at the Rochester NY VA Hospital, and for the past 5 years has practiced in a multidisciplinary practice on Staten Island in the NY Metro area. He has extensive clinical experience treating sports related injuries,and in the treatment of patients suffering with a wide variety of spinal conditions.

Dr. Mehanovic is a 2013 graduate of New York Chiropractic College and has completed post-doctoral work in sports treatment and management. He is an internationally Certified Chiropractic Sports physician, and has a clinical focus on injuries.

Dr. Mehanovic is currently accepting patients with auto and work related injuries, back and spinal conditions, upper back conditions, repetitive overuse injuries, upper and lower extremities pain and child ailments.

His mission is to provide quality care for you and your families through comprehensive and integrative chiropractic care.

Dr. Mehanovic is accepting new patients, 3 days a week, starting August 7th 2018.